Public Adjusting

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We are hired to provide a hedge of protection for property owners through the claims process. We ensure all storm damaged and policy mandated repairs are paid for by the insurance provider. Removing the stress and worry from the entirety of the claims process!

If you own Residential, Commercial, or Vehicle property, do not gamble and go unrepresented - Contact 3Di

Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Wind Damage


you’re not alone.

Bring in professional representation to ensure the job is done right, a Public Adjuster who is there to ensure you are treated fairly.

An insurance policy is a legal and binding contract.  When making an insurance claim you are negotiating this contract and it’s provisions - or ensuring that each party is being fairly treated according to the provisions of the contract.  If the insurance company is going to send out a claims representative - trained and paid by them. You, the property owner, should definitely do the same! It does not matter if this is residential, vehicle, or a commercial property - we have expertise and consultants across all potential losses.  We will ensure that we use all resources to make you whole after an insured financial loss.  We will always hold the insurance companies accountable for what is owed and provided per the insurance agreement.