Data Collection Using 3D Scanning, LIDAR, and Drone Technology.

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You need information about a structure or site.

Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, we capture highly accurate and detailed information.

Within hours, you receive an amazing report that includes all relevant data.



What is a Public Adjuster? We are a licensed, bonded, and insured public representative that holds the insurance company accountable for what is owed through the claims process. Our team will remove the stress and subject-matter-expertise required to ensure the claim is handled properly.

With our multiple years of insurance claims experience, and the integration of first class technology - We ensure the financial loss is covered, so the emotional recovery can begin.


Inspection Technology consulting

We, with our partners, are shifting from tradition and providing technology to the Architecture, Engineering, and Contracting (AEC) world. With the ability to scan, map, and process the natural world or the constructed environment. 

Our Goal: Efficiency -> Cost Effectiveness -> Safety


Federal storm recovery

3D Inspecting has proven themselves as subject matter experts in the Disaster Recovery arena.  We specialize in training, field management, project management, quality control, and consulting for companies involved or wanting to be involved in this industry. 

This Large Loss experience, has truly set us apart across all of our offerings!