drone tech is the future of this industry.


Drone Technology adoption is an “when” not an “if”. Unity Group’s founder has been watching this industry since 2013, and the leaps and bounds that have occurred are tremendous. With the additions of machine learning, AR, and VR the sky is the limit for the drones, sensors, and processing platforms.

Unity Group is investing in research and development, as most technology companies understand the tech but not the industry. This is another place where our traditional experience is fueling our future developments. 



What makes us the best

Our founder has a background in the United States Air Force, in the USAF he learned to accurately collect, report, and disseminate data captured from a large airborne platform. Typically this data effected ground troops safety and military-wide long term strategy. Although the data is not as crucial and the airborne platform not as big, the same care, dedication, and determination has gone into the integrating of remote sensing technology.

We started out being an operations group, which depending on our clients needs we still provide this service. However, our founders vision has always been to improve, problem solve, and help all that he can. With this we have moved from an operations group into an Inspection Technology Consultant, to aid those groups who are interested but unsure of how this new way of inspecting can benefit them.  Our goal is to ensure the right products, software, and procedures are used to capture the best version of the data in the most efficient way.

At Unity Group we put a lot into the name of our organization.  We truly aim to unify our abilities with our clients vision, and ensure they are constantly improving.  Our group wraps our success internally around our employees personal goals, and externally around our clients company's vision. We believe that if we help others achieve success, that the success of our company will be inevitable.